How to not get posts flagged

I just want to know how you can post safely and not get flagged three times in a row. What are the limits?


Just read the community guidelines.


A good rule of thumb is just don’t post things that add nothing to a conversation. Not that this is explicitly a rule, but it’s just good practice.


wait. where are they?

thanks. that helps. 20 char


Yah… ummm. I promise i won’t again. ERm … er. uhhh, Anyway thanks everyone!

Please change your name [insert tm8s name here], please


Why are we here. Just to suffer. jk lol.

i came here to learn how to not get flagged. what has this become

I mean. at least it wasn’t Drow who flagged me… i think…

I’ve never seen three flagged posts so close to each other in a thread before lol

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happy cake day @AliA !


Imma just say, the random flagging needs to STOP! This post was… at the end of the day was to show as an example. I get this thread is kind of like a meme where you flag others posts, but when you flag someone just because, it first of all is spam flagging which I believe is against the guidelines and second of all just is wrong. When someone tries to help another person and the information he gives is wrong. That person doesn’t deserve to be discredited for attempting to help another person. I’ve seen many people in need of help and others not help that person. The ones that do help them are the people I call leaders, the people who help shape our futures. Though they may be wrong they shouldn’t be treated as if what they said was complete garbage. PLEASE do think before posting and PLEASE do think before FLAGGING.

I have a good feeling this will be flagged so please don’t, I want everyone to see this so that they understand the message


Ex. to what I was saying this is off-topic… but it consists of kind words which though do not add to the conversation can make some ones day.

Watch this thread get locked, because of so many flagged post.

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I love how i made this because i was getting flagged. and this has now become a meme. At the end of the day tho. I just wanted to day good job everyone. and showing the vex spirit. dang that was cringe…


ye it was (20characters)

Oh my…
[20 chars lol]