How to obtain higher acceleration for our flywheel

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for my match loaders to place triballs on our flywheel, but after each triball we lose a considerable amount of speed, and I would prefer for them to not wait or worry about the speed. Is there any way to make the acceleration faster?
Our flywheel:
600 rpm motor with 84:12 gear ratio and 60% velocity

Use more motors. More motors means more torque, and that means faster acceleration.

If not, raise the velocity I guess.

If you don’t want to lose that speed, use Flywheel Weights, they increase your flywheel’s inertia.

At the current state your flywheel is going 4200 rmp, which is way too fast. Gear it down to an 84 tooth driving a 36, and have it go at 100% velocity. This is what my team currently runs and it works great. You’ll also only need one motor too.

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just implement a simple bang bang controller so when motor velocity or whatever is under a desired speed, apply max speed until desired speed reached.


We can’t really do that, we are already 6 motor drive. I don’t think most teams can afford to use 2 motors in a flywheel

I would attempt to use a chain. You won’t lose as much acceleration after each match load. I would try this because it works well.

Oh, we have 4-wheel drive and 2 motors for a flywheel.

this is my code when i used to have a flywheel.

void spinFlywheel(int targetSpeed)  {

  int flywheelVelocity = Flywheel.velocity(vex::percentUnits::pct);
  if(flywheelVelocity-10>targetSpeed)  {
  else {