How to paint parts

Hey so I was wondering what is the most effective way to paint a robot

with all electronics and fasteners off. I suspect you want to do it after the robot is built.

No what I was asking is how should we paint like spray paint, anodizing, or just normal paint

Here are some of your options:

  • Anodizing is a process for aluminum only. Generally done by an anodizing company (it’s possible to do-it-yourself, but that’s beyond this thread), you’ll need to provide individual pieces for anodizing. Various colors are available. Your best bet is to talk to a local anodizing company and see if they’ll run your parts for you as a donation to your team. Otherwise, expect to pay $100-200 for a batch of parts.

  • Spray painting is your best/cheapest option. All metal parts can be painted, and you can even leave it assembled if you want to paint screws and nuts. Cleaning is critical: use acetone or some other solvent, then if you want the best, prime and paint. Automotive stores have good quality primers and paint in rattle-can containers. Air spray is a better quality option, especially if you already have the equipment. Many model makers have air sprayers. Be sure things are clean, and make several light coats (following the paint instructions) to avoid drips and runs.

  • Powder coating is a nice option, but you have to job it out or have the equipment. It’s only for metal parts, because you have to heat things up to around 400°. Nylock nuts might be ok, you’d have to see and be ready to replace them all (I’ve never powder coated an assembled robot). This can be jobbed out, or you could look at either for decent quality DIY stuff (also all kinds of quality spray paint too), or for cheap-piece-of-crap-but-possibly-ok powder coat system. We’ve used the Eastwood system.