How to position the wires hanging down from lift?

Hey guys I have a lift similar to the 1103 elevator and we have pneumatic tubing and a couple motor wires that are attached to our intake. We are trying to find a way to position them so that when we lift our intake all the way up and all the way down the wires don’t interfere with anything else.

How did 1103 do it so when he brought his lift down the wires didn’t get in the way of anything?

Sometimes when we bring our lift down the wires get caught in stuff because they have so much slack when the lift is down.

If I need to explain a different way let me know.


i believe he wrapped his wires in mesh with his pneumatic lines and tie wrapped it all together so its all one big cable. i would do the same and maybe use an elastic tie wrapped to the center of the cable and to the back or side of the robot to keep it all away from the lift .

I know he wrapped them in one big cable but did he do anything else?

From the pictures I’ve seen, I am pretty sure he did not do anything else. You really can not do much else besides have them all in one big cable.

Ok thanks guys.

Yes I’ve seen his robot first hand and he just wrapped them all up with the non-stick mesh and zip ties. But if that’s not enough, you could try coiling it and putting bungie through the middle of the coil to make it contract easier.