How to power a scissor lift from the first rotation joint

We could not figure out how to power the scissor lift from the first joint. We have watched many videos about how other teams built theirs, but it was not clear. Is the gear supposed to be screwed onto the joint? We want to build the lift part of this but can’t figure out how:


i’ve never built a scissor lift but they are usually worse, and harder to build then rd4bs with vex parts. Why are you using one? when i was building a wall bot scissor i screwed the gear into one c channel and the driving gear on the other one.

Wow that’s my video! We had the motor and 12 tooth gear mounted on one arm and the bigger gear attached to the joint and screwed into the other bar. Although we moved past that design a long time ago. I’d recommend a dr4b. We only made that because we never had before and just wanted to try it.


Pretty much the only reason people build one… once.

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Wow! How was the gear attached to the c-channel? That’s the part that we are having the most trouble with.

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Just screw it into the bar so that it spins with one bar and moves with the other

How does it move then? Did you use one or two screws? Which bar do you screw it in?

You screw it into the opposite bar than the one with the motor. I’d use 2-4 screws. One screw won’t have support on both sides.

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We did that, but it wouldn’t turn. How does it work?

So you have the motor driving a 12 tooth gear all attached to one bar where the 12 tooth drives a larger gear mounted on the point where the two bars cross that’s screwed into the other bar? If yes then it might just be a power or build quality issue. Pictures would be helpful.


Okay, thank you! I will try that tomorrow, and if it doesn’t work I’ll send pictures.

Yeah, it worked. Thanks again!


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