How to prevent slip tooths

My tilter keep getting chewed I want to place the next one better.

Make sure you have plenty of bracing on your tilter, so your gears do not split apart and get chewed.

use high strength gears and axles, and keep the sides of your gearbox as compact as possible.


make sure to support both sides of the axles with C channel and that your gears are spaced properly

It helps to have two sets of gears side by side.

Also, if you aren’t already, use the thicker gears, not the skinny wimpy ones.

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You can use lockbars with center drilled as bearings. Lockbars should be strong enough to hold the shafts in place and therefore prevent skipping

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Remember that the longer your shaft is the easier it is to bend.

yes, do all of the things that these people said above, but a high strength shaft is not at all necessary. make sure that the c channels on the sides are close together, use 2 sets of high strength gears (12 tooth to 84 tooth) and what I did was put a ziptie from the one drive shaft to the other, so it pulls them together and dosent allow them to slip.

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We do the same thing with the zipties. It really works! You can also use rubber bands to tension the tilter so it doesn’t use so much force to move forward to place a stack; therefore, causing the gears to slip.

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Definitely do two sets of gears but also make is so the side walls are closer so there is less wiggle room for stripping

I wouldn’t advise this, as the zip ties should only be a temporary solution. They cause a lot of extra friction, and they can break. Overall kinda jank, and you should definitely switch them out when given the chance.
Doubling gears is pretty nice tho


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