How to print out cutting template from 3d model

Hi, I have some CAD models of parts I need cut out from polycarbonate, and some are bigger than a single sheet of paper. How would I print out a template on paper so I can see where to cut the polycarbonate?

Use a large format printer?

or do you mean how to break up a large format print into many 8-1/2 x 11 or other common printer formats (A4)?

What computer are using - Mac or PC?

and how are you rendering your design? application?

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Sorry I proably should have mentioned these things but im tired and cant think lol

Paper size is 8.5 x11, and yes I would need to split the print onto multiple sheets
Computer is windows PC
Im using Inventor for the CAD

Add crosses to the drawing to line up the sheets over each other, and print out overlapping excerpts. Glue the sheets together held up to a window if the paper is too thick to see the crosses underneath. Or push a thumb tack through all the crosses so you can see the holes line up. (Use tape to hold the first sheet of paper to the window if you go that route. Take care with the thumb tack location because it will bake-in whatever small errors you make.)

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