How to print scuff paddles for V5 Controller

My team is trying to print this:

But based off the renders and the CAD file, the clamshell part (the part that wraps around the controller itself) appears to be one big piece. Is this supposed to be printed as two pieces? Or is there a way to slip it on to the controller as one big piece?

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Its printed in one piece, it slips on to the controller with some force

The clamshell itself is one big piece, but there is a rod that slips in to keep it together.

It kind of pries apart on the bottom. Appears to be one piece

I just printed our first set the other day. Depending on your printer and the way you have your support material setup, it could be difficult to print the clamshell. The clamshell splits at the micro usb port hole. You can use a pin or even a piece of cut paperclip to put through the pinholes. I printed on a Stratasys printer with dissolvable support material and had to carefully pry it open the first time I handled it even with the support material washed away.

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Does anyone just have the plain stl files, so that it is possible to print this item in cura


Thanks a lot! Really appreciate the information

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does anyone know how many square inches it is?

how did you end up printing the clam shell part.

Hello vex forum, I started printing the scuff paddles and I thought that the camshell should be two pieces. This way it would use little supports and would probably would also have a better quality. Also when printing in one piece your running the risk of damaging your controller. So isn’t best to just put into two pieces and then attach it together. Furthermore, the back side of the controls did not look so good, because some of the pieces are bending. In the newer model that was posted in this thread fix that problem. If you could be as so kind in replying to this message, that would be wonderful. Thank You for your time I really appreciate it!!!

From my understanding you have to print it with alot of supports and maybe a raft depending on the printer.

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any of you know how long it’ll take to 3d print this. Thanks!

Idk, it probably takes about 10 hours to print all the parts with supports, but it really depends on your printer and settings.

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ok thx. Im printing it and it says about 15 hrs. I just wanted to get an estimate for how long it would take before i printed it.

When I tried to print it, the clamshell part snapped at the top every time I tried to put it on. Does anyone know how to avoid this? I believe I printed it with PLA.

change your print orientation, so that the layers are pedicular to the net forces of the part
here is how I would print it on one of my small printers.


Or you could use a strengthened fixed one…


ill print that one to see if it holds up better

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