How to print scuff paddles for V5 Controller

My team is trying to print this:

But based off the renders and the CAD file, the clamshell part (the part that wraps around the controller itself) appears to be one big piece. Is this supposed to be printed as two pieces? Or is there a way to slip it on to the controller as one big piece?

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Its printed in one piece, it slips on to the controller with some force

The clamshell itself is one big piece, but there is a rod that slips in to keep it together.

It kind of pries apart on the bottom. Appears to be one piece

I just printed our first set the other day. Depending on your printer and the way you have your support material setup, it could be difficult to print the clamshell. The clamshell splits at the micro usb port hole. You can use a pin or even a piece of cut paperclip to put through the pinholes. I printed on a Stratasys printer with dissolvable support material and had to carefully pry it open the first time I handled it even with the support material washed away.