How to program a mecanum drive in VEXcode V5 Text

(Programming in Python btw)
Hey guys, my team is trying to program a driver control for a mecanum drive, but we are having issues with the programming side. We would like to make it so that the left stick is all of the translational movement (forwards, backwards, strafing) and the right stick the rotational movement (turning), but we have no clue where to start, especially for the left stick, as we would like to be able to both strafe and move forwards at the same time to move diagonally.

Any videos/code examples/documentation/general explanation would be amazing! Thanks!
There is a short video here that may give you some insight on the movement. As far as I know, it’s the same as a standard x-drive.


I don’t do python but the overall concepts from this post, which is in C++, should apply to making a drivercontrol code in any language. (video version here)

Hope that helps! :grin: