how to program a vex lcd screen keyboard

Hello. I am programming a keyboard, so that when you press a bumper switch it will display an “A”, and when you press another bumper switch it will have a “B” on the LCD Display. My problem is that when I press “A” then press “B” they overlap each other rather than following one another in the display. Can you guys please help explain how to make it so that they do not overlap and that they go properly in a line rather than overlapping each other. I would like for them to be like how you would type but it shows up as a A covered with a B. I also use Easy C.

not sure about easyC but for robotC the command is clearLCDline(int lineNumber);

and line number is zero or 1.

what this will do is earase anything on that line, so before you print anything to that line you should clear it first

perhaps the command is similar in easyC

Collin I think he means how to make them type in a line instead of replacing each other.
Still not sure about EasyC, but in RobotC there is a command to shift the LCD “cursor” in the program.