How to program four motors turning?

So I have a robot that is similar to a standard drivebot but has a motor for each wheel, how do i program it so when I push the left joystick the two left wheels turn?

You should be able to use the default drive code by plugging the additional two motors into ports 7 and 12. I think 1 & 7 are left and 6 & 12 are right.

Which programming language are you using? It’s really easy which ever one you have but slight different so easiest to explain if we know what you are using.

In modkit, I use a simple if/then that has the motors do nothing if the stick position is less than, say, 10 or greater than -10 (this acts as a debouncing code in the near-zero position. Then, I set motor power to 100% and motor speed to the stick position. Both motors can then run the exact code. Simple, and it handles the forward / reverse in very few lines of code. Good luck!

You could even do this without programming using Robot Mesh Controller Express, I created this to show what you would need to do:

It’s equally easy in Blockly:

Robot Mesh Studio (which also includes Flowol and Python) is free to use. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.