how to program pneumatics

Can someone help me I am trying to program pneumatics using easy C but looking through the forms all I could find was how to program for robotC

They work like simple digital outputs, you set them high or low. I don’t know the specifics but it isn’t that hard.

that does not really help I need the step by step process

Are you looking to actually learn or do you just want someone to post something for you to blindly follow? It’s not too complicated to do, just set the output.


Sensor[piston] = 1


he’s looking for EasyC

Honestly I don’t know why anyone would use EasyC, especially now that RobotC is free. It offers so much more versatility and you learn a lot more from it. Plus there is way more support on the forums for robotC.

I would switch to RobotC, but I am a senior and don’t really have time to learn it.

Ya look for a block that looks like this, I just googled it.

SetDigitalOutput ( 1 , 1 ) ;