How to Program PROS Autonomous

I’m part of an inexperienced team coding in C++ and would like to make an autonomous using PROS C++.

We decided to make a carbon copy of the popular and great robot “Goofy” and use the code RI3D generously provided. Unfortunatly, they didn’t have the time to make an autonomous and after some great searching on the internet, only a few results came up for complex examples or how to code an autonomous using PROS.

Could someone please provide a well-commented example of a PROS autonomous? We have a 4-motor drivetrain so I do not want to use the “ChassisControllerFactory” from the legacy OkAPI which only supports two motors. I would also appreciate an example on how one could measure how far it should go in the code and maybe turning. Also, do motor declarations have to be reused in the autonomous method/file (I’m sure this will be specified in the example)?

Thanks! -7133

if you’re inexperienced with coding, I would not recommend using pros. try vexcode text instead.

also just saying…

isn’t going to allow you to learn as much as building your own robot would.
goofy was a great early season robot, and is a great place to start and to draw inspiration from, but you shouldn’t make an exact copy. it has its flaws, and you will not learn from it.


We didn’t have the time to plan out our own robot as we started later in the season. I would like to learn PROS anyway for experience. I’ve already spent a significant time learning the API, I just don’t know how I would implement an autonomous.

OkapiLib (Okapi like the animal) supports more than two motors on your drivetrain. Take a look at the tutorials, these two in particular:


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