how to program sensors on a Pic

Our school only has two cortexs and has 21 teams and we need help programing sensors on Pic microcontrollers using Robot C. Please help.

It’s essentially the same. Use SensorValue to read sensor values etc. You just have less of everything to work with, less memory and less processing power. A bigger problem will be VEXnet compatibility, do you have the old VEXnet upgrade kits with your PICs?

No we don’t have Vexnet upgrade kits and , I am the builder so could you give me an example of sensors program

If you have RobotC correctly installed on your computer along with the correct software

Then programming sensors shouldn’t be difficult. The RobotC software includes examples for sensors that you can incorporate within your robotc code.

Here is where you find them.

Here you have a variety of choices for all sensors vex has to offer.

If you don’t have much experience with programming then I’d advise trying out EasyC.

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Thanks you Seahawk