How to program TBH control loop and a flywheel

Hi, been around here once before. My name is Menilek Alemseged from team Ethiopia. Our flywheel decelerates after a disk is launched and accelerates again. For us to shoot the disks with accuracy, we need to wait for the flywheel to accelerate back to the required speed which wastes time for the next shoot. I stumbled on topics like Odometry, PID, and TBH this week ( we are a new team ) and i have a basic grasp over Odometry but the rest? Nah.
Was wondering what kind of sensors do i need ot program TBH for our flywheel and where to learn it focusing on vex robotics and if there are any codes laying around the internet u might be able to give me a link?
Thank you.

@Sylvie has a nice library you may find useful, including an implementation of TBH: