How to Program v5 Led Lights

Hello Vex Community, my Vex team recently purchased Vex v5 led lights (I will post the link down below) and we have no clue how to program them. After countless hours of researching and watching youtube videos, we could not find anyone actually giving a tutorial of how to program these Led Lights. Furthermore, Vex does not give you any sample code or directions/hints to program these Led lights. So I am hoping someone can help guide me on how to program these lights. Thank You!!!

Vex Led Lights

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I am not a programmer, but it says
“Compatible with the VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller Digital Outputs” on the website

not sure if that helps or not

I’m sorry, I was incorrect

Yeah I saw that. It basically means that it works with a vex cortex or v5 brain and can produce digital outputs.

Thank you for the help.


Hello Mr. Jpearman I get the use for these led lights, however, I do not understand how to program these led lights, and I do not see where one can learn, or be enlightened , on how to program these led lights. Moreover, thank you for giving me this website I really appreciate it.

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The website linked gives you the resources necessary. You declare an led object and call its on() and off() methods to control it.


waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait. Just checking here, but would this mean a possible way to power my LED strips without needing an mc29?

Hey Mr.Sazrocks, I could not find the portion your saying can you link the page were it says this on the website, or take a screenshot for me please.



Hey Mr. Sazrocks, so today I tried programming the LED lights and it seems like this code is innacurate because it does not clearly or accurately what paramaters to set up.

The API is not inaccurate.

Can you share your code? What does the light do?

Sure I am just getting alot of errors I am just trying to make the led lights stay on the whole time. GIve me one second to send the code.

Make sure to post the error messages as well as the code.

Don’t worry about the first error

The documentation page was generated from the code itself. It is by definition accurate. It is as accurate as it could possibly be.

There is a single parameter which must be passed to the constructor, and that is the port that the LED is plugged into. This is very clearly and accurately stated:
Please show us your code.


That’s not at all how you’re supposed to do that…

Sorry wrong screenshot

You don’t seem to know C++ very well. I suggest that you learn the basics of C++ through some tutorials or other curriculum before you continue here.


^ this. is a good resource.