How to promote vex in speeches

Hello all, I recently was placed in an organization through my school that serves to promote various extra-curricular activities where students attend luncheons with local business owners and school board members to promote the high school for donations and contributions to the school’s efforts. That being said does anyone know of any examples/references of people in the past promoting the Vex Robotics competition as a whole to a large group of people effectively? I attempted to start my own speech but found it difficult because all the people in attendance will no have experience with Vex or any similar programs and I am worried that my presentation will be less valued and confusing to people who are not familiar with STEM-focused organizations. When compared to more traditional well-known student opportunities such as sports teams, or things like a debate or a science Olympiad team. Any help or advice or possible links on past successful speeches/presentations on Vex that would help describe to these people how important Vex is and how great of an opportunity it is for students would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

This could be a good starting point: