How to Properly Power a DR4B With One Motor

This year, with light scoring objects and V5, many teams (including mine) are trying to build lifts powered by one V5 motor. This presents some new challenges, as both sides of the lift have to be powered by the same motor. One axle can not be attached to both sides of the lift and a motor at the same time, so more gears and axles are necessary. Axles also have to be very long to reach both sides of the lift, which makes bending worse. What is a good way to build a DR4B with one motor without being somehow lopsided?

I built a skinny dr4b similar to this one:

If the spacing on your robot doesn’t work for a skinny one you can always put the motor in the space in between the two gear boxes on the lift. The motor would then gear onto on axel that goes extends towards each gear box, then an axel could come out of each gearbox and gear onto the axel.

You could also connect two axels together:

EDIT: There are now pictures of how to connect axels in ^this^ thread.

Another similar solution would be to mount the motor really low on the robot, and then use a long axel with chain to power each side of the lift.

you could just do a chain bar or a six-bar, both can reach high enough and are smaller, lighter, and simpler (and easier to do w/ just one motor!) in fact, you might even be able to do just a four-bar instead of a six-bar if you do it right

A 4 bar probably could reach the highest post, but that doesn’t leave much room for the meta design of a “wrist.” (Waffle Iron, if you prefer)
That would lead to a ZULU design or something similar. (I’ve seen another good one, I just forget the team)