How to prove my team's awards?

So me and my team members are writing University applications, and decided that including our entry into provincials last season, as well as the awards we got last year will look good on the applications.

Is there any way to prove that an individual actually made it to provincials/got the awards?
Does Vex have a database which lists participants for competitions?

Any help is appreciated. Vex community y’all are awesome!

I suppose you could print out the robotevents page of the events you attended, but do you really need proof of your awards? I can’t imagine universities will be questioning the individual awards from a robotics program that one of their applicants sends them.


Your vex awards do not look good on applications, or at least not good enough for proving them to be a real issue.


Best solution is to have your team coach/mentor write a letter of support which can include your team’s accomplishments and your contributions to the team. It is more balanced and does not overly promote you ahead of your team.

The only info we have about individuals are the consent to participate for the season, it is not broken down as to which events you attended on robot events. EPs unlikely track that level of participation.