How to qualify for U.S. Nationals

Hey guys, I was just bored and wondering how a team qualifies for U.S. Nationals. I know you qualify for worlds through making it to state finals, as well as awards, but I don’t know how you qualify for Nationals. And I know there are a few threads like this, but the most recent is from Turning Point, and I don’t know if that is up to date. Thanks.

In almost every case if you qualify to state you’ll qualify to nationals through the same award. I’m not 100% sure if this is the same for league events though.


I believe in every U.S region you qualify through earning one of the following at a local competition:

  • Excellence Award
  • Design Award
  • Tournament Champion
  • Robot Skills Champion

Just a side note, the U.S doesn’t have a National Championship. What many refer to as “Nationals” is actually the CREATE U.S Open, an invitational event hosted by the CREATE Foundation.

There is also a chance that the event wont happen next year, given their wording in the COVID-19 cancellation announcement on 3/12/2020. I wouldn’t worry about qualifying until CREATE makes a proper statement.


There is no national. To qual for states, u need excellence and tourney champ. Some tourneys qual with design and skills

Edit: US Open is basically nationals but u don’t need to go to qual for worlds like in other countries

is it raining in ur area because it seems like ur wearing a cap :wink:

How’d you know?

And this event isn’t even Nationals, as teams from Asia are invited to come over to compete as well.


A good point.

In today’s terms, the Create US Open is really a signature event. While it has been larger than others, one big difference is that it doesn’t qualify for Worlds like other signature events.


Not every region. I know ND had some events that did not qualify you for the open, even when winning those awards. (Source: won design a couple times, but didn’t get qualified last year until winning Design in SD).


But it’s not a signature event because iirc it doesn’t qualify you to worlds lol