How to quickly build a anti tipper for a tray bot

i need to quickly build a anti tipper

What I did with my tray bot is use a small piece of 2-wide C-Channel connected to the back of the robot with a hinge, rubber bands to hold it open once the game starts and a standoff that hits the side of the frame to keep it open at a certain angle. I’m not at my bot right now, but I’ll take a photo and send it once I am.

What we did was build a Wheeling bar. you can use robber bands that will relece ounce no t against a wall or build a slider.

we also did this we made it pretty close on the ground and shaved a gear to do it

Hello, we were kind of having issues with our anti-tippers not snapping and we want to try other ways. Your design looks interesting, do you mind sharing it or giving us some feedback?

Careful with using the field perimeter to hold in the anti-tip if your robot is near the size limit.

<G4> Robots begin the Match in the starting volume. At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must be smaller than a volume of 18” (457.2 mm) long by 18” (457.2 mm) wide by 18” (457.2 mm) tall. Using Field Elements, such as the field perimeter wall, to maintain starting size is only acceptable if the Robot would still satisfy the constraints of and pass inspection without the Field Element. Robots in violation of this limit will be removed from the field prior to the start of the Match, at the Head Referee’s discretion.


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