How to recover from an awful vex season?

Suffering defeat after defeat, our entire team’s morale is dead. And it’s for a good reason: We have had a TERRIBLE, by terrible, I truly do mean ■■■■■■; season. (Also we’re known for being the team to decline a massive offer locally :echsad:) How do we recover from this, both mentally and by the game? Thanks to anyone who answers this.

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been in this position. just regroup, take a small break, 2-4 days mentally, step away, come back, rebuild. confidence is key to having a successful comp, if you feel like you’re gonna do terrible, high chance you will because you will feel no reason to try, don’t have too much confidence and get an ego tho, you can get humbled quickly.


We can’t, there’s another comp upcoming.

VRC is designed to have multiple parts. There is the tournament of course, but there are the judged awards as well. Plus you have the skills section. There are so many areas you can do well in. What if you focused on one area. If the tournament isn’t working so well, try getting your driver and programmer to focus on skills. Or maybe try getting the engineering notebook up to standards. Above all, don’t give up. Set yourself goals. Let each competition be a new opportunity to do well. Maybe try giving yourselves a break from comps for a month or so like @ginger5842Z said. If you go into whatever you are doing with a positive attitude, I guarantee, that even if you do not win, you will feel better, and people will respect you a lot more.

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That is rough.

Sometimes you can learn more from defeat from victory. It is very satisfying to win, but life doesn’t always work that way. Knowing how to shake off a defeat and keep trying is one of the more important life lessons. It is just no fun learning it.

Did your team do their best?
Did you learn while building your robot?
Did you learn from your experiences on the field?
Did you play a clean and fair game?

If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes’ then you had a successful season, just not a victorious one.


I have mentored numerous teams for eight years and watch them succeed and fail. Twice I have had a team that was a finalist at four events in a row. Heartbreaking and frustrating to say the least.

As far as mental recovery:
Get through one day, one event, one robotics season. There will be many new adventures in the future and you will look back at this season as one you overcame. We have to recognize the bad experiences to appreciate the good ones.

To get out of the rut:
It may be time to evaluate your team and your processes to identify what is stagnant. We tend to get into comfortable patterns without realizing that they can be a trap. Even the meta influence online can change perspective; preventing a team from taking risks. Everyone is doing X so we should do X too.

Time to mix things up. Have your builder program and your programmer build. Add a new teammate that is not currently involved in robotics. Take risks, make mistakes. Making changes and putting ourself in an uncomfortable state will force the brain think differently giving motivation and new ideas.

Consolation memes:


Is the comp necessary? That’s the question I ask to every sister team I see. I would rather have them improve their robot/code then having them rush a bad bot and then having to rebuild it.

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