How to reduce static.

Our robot has a ton of static, we tried wiping it but it dosen’t work that well. Would mesh on he bottom work?

If there’s static then there’s friction. Eliminate the source of friction.

Try having a metal bar sticking out so the static will discharge back into the field. Add the metal bar on a hinge so it won’t dig into the field. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Or discharge into opponents cortex

Lol, make a Tesla coil… EZ

We just used a wire a couple years back when our flywheel was messing with our IMEs (I haven’t used those encoders since).


aluminum conducts electricity better than steel, so that would work

Gold is better, we used gold c channels just for this purpose.

Graphene all the way.

I’ve never personally had this issue, but the easiest solution I can think of is to have a wire from a broken motor drag from the robot, assuming you have broken motors. If you haven’t broken a motor, i’m not sure what you are doing…

@Dromeda 's suggestion, I believe, is illegal. You are not allowed to modify the motors in any way, and dragging a wire from a broken motor would fall into this category. This topic has been mentioned on this forum on numerous occasions, and it’s been (I believe) officially determined to be a violation of the Robot rules.

For something hanging down from the robot to conduct electricity to the mat, you’ll need to rig it so that if you picked up your robot & held it in the air, it would still fit within the 18" cube required for starting matches. If the wire hangs down lower than the wheels by any measurable amount, you’re probably outside the 18" box. Most people would not notice you were doing such a thing, but when you get to a higher level of competition, they certainly will.

This method is useful during practice and I’m not sure many people would do it in competition. I’ve never really had an issue with static when competing because matches are so short (and higher level comps use anti-static spray), but programming sessions (or whatever) are longer, and this is an easy solution to the static problem. People just need to remember to take it off before competition (it’s ugly so it usually doesn’t stay on for very long in the first place).