How to remove tray/tilter bounce

My team has recently noticed that our tray has a bit of bounce to it, as in it doesn’t hold a perfect position when we stop moving the motor. We noticed some other teams can stack and move their tray without it bouncing around and we would also like to be able to get accurate movements.
Any help is appreciated,

Motor hold could work to keep the tilter down. Also make sure that there is as little slack as possible in the whole mechanism.

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Our motor is currently on hold, I believe this is a problem with our gear ratio but I’m not sure how to make that more secure

This will likely make it worse
@Amanda Make a P loop that has desired position be slightly past the hardstop so the tray will apply slight power to prevent it from bouncing. If you need help with making a P loop let me know.


Now that you mention a hard stop, that could fix it. My only question now is should I have 2 hard stops, one for stacked and one for down? Right now I only have one that is in the down position
And I will pm you if I need help for PID loop

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wait, you didn’t have hardstops on your tilter before?

I have one going down, just not in the stacking position

no, you don’t need a hardstop when stacking, it’s usually pretty easy to tell when your tray has reached the full uprigh tposition