How to repair a Starsruck star

A couple of my stars have got broken (needless to say, nobody knows how!) One has an arm broken off and another has a break in the holle where the two pieces join. Can anyone suggest a glue etc that will fix them without dissolving the plastic, please?

We’ve been using an improvised hot glue gun (hot glue gun glue stick and a lighter) and lots of tape.

Ours are starting to drop like flies. We haven’t glued any yet. Does the hot glue really hold? Maybe I should use locktite (HA HA!).

Yeah, the hot glue has been holding up surprisingly well, but I’m sure the tape is doing a lot of the work :slight_smile:

Super glue has left less of a glue blob than hot glue gun on our now 4-5 repaired stars. These things are breaking really easily with very limited usage. Not pleased with the ease of breakage and buying additional game piece sets is not really in the budget.

The “official” method is using hot glue, as in VEX’s Star Handling Guide. :smiley:

Thanks, all - I’ll try both methods and maybe some of the Goop I used on my car’s wing mirror and see which works best.

Rubber bands lol

you can fix everything with a little duct tape

even better

Just rubber band the broken Star arms together. It has been working extremely well for us.

I like how by this year VEX is well enough aware of the fragility (er low quality) of their game objects that they have designated an official/recommended repair technique.

We hot glue and tape broken stars. For some reason, the hot glue does not seem to hold it together that’s why we also tape it.

We used hot glue, tape, and rubber bands for extra reinforcement lol. We also used toothpicks on a few for places that were hard to tape.

Until the stars become a lot heavier and then affect your real game performance because the weight is different.

This is what I was thinking, too. It would be a shame if we had to do all that to repair a star because it starts to change the integrity of the star (center of gravity, the way it moves, etc). Before I did that, I’d just suck it up and buy more stars. However, I just looked it up and 7 stars and 1 cube cost $80. Vex should let us buy only stars (the cubes seem to be holding up well…) and try to get the price down as much as they can.

Superglue seems to have done the trick so I didn’t try the hot glue gun.

I’m going to retract mt previous reply - my superglued star spontaneously fell apart so I guess I’ll try hot glue after all.

maybe try using urathane foam or rubber.