How to rubber band a scissor lift?

We use a scissor lift, and we currently have it rubber banded on 2 points. Should we rubber band it on 3 points(triangle), if so, how?

Are you having problems lifting?
Edit: doesn’t matter.

The point of triangle banding is to keep a constant tension for the entire lift up and back down. That being said, I think the best way to accomplish this on a scissor lift would look something like this:
The attachment points being the red.

I know historically teams in Skyrise would put bands between the moving/outside joints of the scissor lift. I would just make sure that it doesn’t cause any bending or flexing. Triangle banding the way that @SkinnyPanda Robotics said will actually pull it down and up effectively doing nothing. I would stick to banding in lines unless you need a triangle to tension it.

Hmm I see what you mean… would this work @Zach929Y ?

Probably but i doubt that it would do much compared to the horizontal one.

Literally thought the same thing.

How about this?


Okay I sense a definite bias…
Also, like that the triangles would perform exactly the same as straight lines…

I might be wrong but i think he was joking, and so was I. That would pull the lift down, i still think a line between the joints is the best option.

And I was playing along…

This is how we do our rubber banding and it worked very well (this is an older picture of our robot but the rubberbanding is the same)

Haha, yeah, joking… That’s what I was doing…