How to score at the end of automatic period

When I watch the game menu at the game specific definitions , the definition of “Balanced” is some criteria are met at the end of a match. Does that mean at the end of autonomous period. It will not count the score, even if we balanced.

I also see the “Scoring Notes” that a Mobile Goal is considered scored in an alliance home zone at the end of the Match. Does that mean at the end of autonomous period, it will not count the score.

So that means I can only scored the rings beside of “Cleared”.

Another question is that if a goal is on a platform at the end of the match, but the platform is not balanced, does that goal count the scores? Because I don’t know whether platform belongs to home zone.

You might want to check out this thread:


as @9MotorGang said, check out the above thread.

The basic conclusion is:

only rings on alliance goals count towards winning the autonomous bonus because every other kind of point relies on being at the end of the match in some way.

This might change, or it might not, the gdc has so far not addressed the glaring issues with scoring. Hopefully they’ll clarify it in the manual to avoid the mass confusion that is sure to come if they don’t. Or at the very least answer the q&a’s about the issue.


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