How to scout at worlds/ Compotitons

Hey, I am the scout on my team. I am nto bad but have never scouted at Worlds. I need some help figuring out how to Scout teams. If you have not gone to worlds before Please tell me how you scout at your compotitions?

Thanks for looking at this and if you responded I appreciate the help!

Ok, so you will get a match list for your team. At any competition this may range from 5-11 matches. First look at the four teams listed (one should be yours), it will show your alliance partner and the opposing alliance. Lets say my team (30809S) was paired with another team 31415B, against 60470S and 99999Z. I, if I was the scout, would first go check out the bots of team 60470S and 99999Z, and look for keys features like, for this year, intake design, clamps, drive motors, lift? (1 or 2), based on stuff like this I could tell my team hey they can do this. Then your drive team would go talk to your alliance about a strategy. Do this for the next match. Rinse and repeat. Make sure to scout well ahead of your match, maybe 15-20 mins before unless you have closely placed matches. Hope this helps! And good luck!


Maybe have a couple of team members watch all practice matches and map robot capabilities? Walk through pits and see teams in your division? Meet all your alliance partners way before your matches?

just some thoughts.


Thanks for the tips. How can you Scout with teams from other countrys? My team was thinking that we could make cards with scouting info about our team and hand them out. Do you have any tips to get our name out there and how should we do it?

I love vex forums, Every body is SO helpful,


Once the division lists are out, that’s when the scouts need to go full steam.

Regardless of local or overseas teams, competitions videos, live-streaming, discords and robot reveals are always a good place to start getting basic info.

And once the schedule is out, that’s when you will need to drop by their pits personally and observe them at the practice fields and during matches.

As for getting your name out there - that’s one main reason why teams do reveals actually. And making friends in discords will help as well.


Thanks for the help! If more people/teams can anwser I would love to extra help. So far all the help has been super helpful!!!

You can get some information on robotevents based on certain team’s recent matches as well as their skills scores. That could help.

Thanks I will do that!! Do any of you have more suggestions?

Never been to World’s, but in my experience at regional competitions I haven’t found cards with info to be super helpful with scouting. Talking to people online in advance or in person at the event is definitely the way to go!
Having a nice field map with your autons laid out on it may be helpful for planning matches with your alliances.
I always go through my match schedule and mark down our alliance’s matches that will be played prior to our match with them, so we know when to go see them in action.
Congrats on qualifying for World’s!!


Thanks! Your respons was helpfull,