How to secure all the pneumatic tubing and wiring

Dear all,

So I recently fitted my pneumatics and I realized that all the tubing and wiring is all over the place and jumbled on my chassis… which isn’t a huge problem, but I think it could be organized and secured down so it doesn’t break (especially the delicate pneumatic tubing)… is there anyway to achieve such a thing?

Zip Ties.

lots of zip ties

Zipties for sure, but some alternatives.

Corrugated wire management tubing

Legal for cable management purposes, reusable, cut to length, adds a layer of protection from outside contact as well. Requires a lot of space, typically better for final design that for development.

Velcro strips
Reusable, easy to install and remove, look a little cleaner than zip ties, no snipped tails to cleanup, more forgiving if you get them too tight or need to adjust them. Requires more space than zip ties.

Homemade VEX U Brackets
Can be U shaped or flat plates. Super secure, held by nuts and bolts. Similarly, multiple layers of metal with cable management channel in between, held in place with standoffs. Downsides, inaccessible inside of robot, and can be hard on cables and tubing.

Latex Tubing/Rubber Bands

Can be used in such a way as to allow some flex, but still keep cables out of critical system elements for the safety of the system and cables and tubes. Difficult to attach, occasionally unpredictable.