How to See if a Team has been DQ'ed from the RobotEvents API

I’m trying to parse the recent competitions of Spin Up to see what percentage of matches involved a DQ (most likely because of expansion going out of field). The RobotEvents API doesn’t seem to have data related to that, is there a way to see this programmatically?

a score of 0 is probably as close as you can get. It’s nearly impossible to get a score of 0 without being disqualified. Unfortunately, I believe this only applied in elimination matches, where both teams in an alliance are disqualified and receive a score of 0. But in qualification matches, only the offending team is disqualified and the score does not display as 0 as far as I’m aware.


i haven’t used the API personally, but if I see that an alliance has scored 0 points in a match, there is a good chance it was a dq, since even if a robot doesnt move they get at least 3 points from expansion, unless somehow both robots do not score anything and end in the low goal.


Yeah the only 0 score in quals I’ve seen was because both opposing teams to our alliance expanded out of the field.

Couldn’t you check the number of wins/losses vs the number expected from the actual score in the match? (In quals)


That is a viable strategy… I’ll test it out right now. Thanks!

If all you cared about was total number of DQs at an event you can probably do something simpler. Add up the total number of wins in quals and subtract total loses? (I think you then need to divide by 2).

The other method will tell you which teams got DQs while this method won’t.


That’s also a much simpler solution :smile: I’ll probably go with the higher one though!

Elim DQ rates:


Really interesting that first seed seems get disqualified most often.
I suppose that makes some amount of sense though, having more string launchers that reach farther correlates with better performance and higher rank, but also correlates to higher likelyhood of accidental disqualification.