How to send data from Arduino to Cortex via UART using RobotC?

I’m trying to figure out how to send data from an Arduino to the current (non V5) Cortex via UART using RobotC. When I google for this, I find methods that apply to the ancient (PIC based) Cortex, and Cortex-to-Cortex, etc. But I haven’t found any recent postings that show exactly how to do this. Anyone happen to have some code they would like to share? Thanks.

Check out this post I found from 2014…

Thanks for the link. However, about the only useful tidbit I could understand from that thread was the (probable) need for a level shifter between the Arduino and Cortex. There seems to be so much else being discussed about the BeagleBone and everything else, I just plain got lost. I was hoping for something a little easier to understand since my knowledge of bit banging is sorely limited. I might be needing something maybe more plug-and-play, and maybe not so lets-reinvent-the-wheel-ish.

It should be the same as cortex to cortex. What arduino were you gonna use? I can take a look at the data sheet.

There was this
that had some links to earlier work. I know @fretless_kb did a bunch of work in this area.

and I found this, but don’t seem to have the cortex side. (1.96 KB)

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Right now I’ve been tinkering with the Arduino Uno. I’m having the Arduino take data (color signature, X, Y position) from a Pixy Cam and I’d like to pass it on for use with the Cortex. I can see the data on the Arduino IDE serial monitor. I just wish I knew how to read that data with the Cortex using RobotC. I’m presuming the UART would be the best way to try that.

probably adapt this for cortex side

I know RobotC does have some UART functions that are available for use.

jpearman! Hey, since I have your attention. I noticed that the Super User setting on RobotC has some kind of configuration for the CMUCAM. Any chance that can be used directly with the CMUCAM 5 (=Pixy Cam) in existence now?

Justin wrote some handy RobotC code to work with the Pixy. You can find it in the BNS code release from Starstruck.

This is mind-blowingly impressive! I’ll need to study it, though. At first glance, it’s way over my head. Like, waaaay over.