How to start a program?

We downloaded a program into our cortex. We can run it by clicking “start” in our computer. However, as soon as we unplug the cable and turn on the cortex on its own, it stopped working.
Can someone help please?

Well to run it without a cable plugged in, you will need a controller and two VEXNet keys. First pair the controller and the cortex by plugging the USB into both the cortex and the controller. Use this connection for at least 30 seconds and then unplug the cable. Next, put VEXNets in both the cortex and the controller and they should now be paired. Once paired with VEXnets, you should now be able to run by clicking start on the computer. Make sure that both the controller and cortex are on when running the program.

For more advice and help, I would recommend consulting this manual

Is it possible to start the program without turning on the controller? We made a novelty robot that response to values from VEX ultrasonic range finder.

If you want it to run without turning on the joystick/controller, you can set the “Communication Mode” to “USB only”. I don’t have RobotC on this computer, but It should be in the “Robot” dropdown menu




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