How to stay on the Centre Platform

Hello, does anyone have any ideas of how to not get pushed off the Centre Platform? Thanks!

The rubber traction tires tend to work really well on the platforms as what I’ve heard. I would suggest only using two tires instead of 4-6 mainly because they have a lot of, you know, traction :).

We have a worm gear connected to a plate with antislip mats which elevate the robot and because of the mats prevent it from being pushed. Uses 1 motor and we’ve had no problems with it.

If you have a 4 motor V5 base, you could implement a PID system that pushed against any changes.

There was a robot in 3 days documentary that had a brake that would press against the floor. That’s my main idea right now.

Do you mean this one?

Yeah that one. There would have to be a work around for the pneumatics, but thats the general idea (similar to what @SpencerVaughan said)

Something similar to that, we did it with one motor and we are using pneumatics, we aren’t using v5 however which is why we can get away with it :confused:

Is your bot still in 18 even after being elevated?

Yeah it just raises it so the wheels are slightly above the floor, fits in 18” easily.


I really wouldn’t bother with the center platform. There are more points to be earned from playing the game the whole time.

That is true, but there’s still a big factor with the center platform… When it gets more competitive I am certain that there will always be someone who parks before a match ends. Whether it’s your alliance or not, someone is most probably going to be getting that 6 points, which 2 parks in the center platform is 28% of the maximum score possible. And that’s assuming that your opponents are not scoring what-so-ever.