How to stop someone hitting you in the first 15 secs

How can you stop from someone hitting you during the first 15 secs of the match and messing up your shot on the net?

You can either add a delay to your autonomous program so that you allow the opponent to approach the goal first (which is what one of my school’s team has done and has prevented collisions) or go in a curved path, trying to surround your opponent (this, however will be time consuming and show difficult as you try to allign your robot into a desired position and angle). If doing any of these, however, you would require to communicate with your opponents and alliance to be aware of their autonomous programs, as they might have a similar strategy and thus cause a collision (use an LCD Display to change autonomous programs, with different delays at the beginning of the autonomous period).

Thank you!

Hey Trevor, for some reason I was unable to reply in your issue with the code. I was going to suggest using an else if statement with the motors 6,7, and 9 rather than two if and an else.

Use an ultrasound or two to detect on-coming traffic?

Hey Trevor, for some reason I was unable to reply in your issue with the code. I was going to suggest using an else if statement with the motors 6,7, and 9 rather than two if and an else.

That’s because he posted his question in the Official RobotC section, in which none of us common slobs is worthy of replying.

I thought of the same thing! I thought of having two, one detecting the robot in the loading station and the other for detecting it near the field. After detecting that the robot isn’t in its starting position it would use the other sensor to detect it’s presence near the field and off the path! I however doubted this with the thought that the other team’s autonomous fails thus never leaving the initial position and as a result never doing the autonomous yourself, or the opposing robot might simply stay stationary. But perhaps you can figure a solution to that!

Can you put a timer into your code with some logic such as: If my opponent hasn’t moved after X seconds, then start moving. If I move, but then detect a robot is on a collision course with me, either stop moving or try some kind of evasive action depending on how much time remains. In other words, can’t you use your ultrasounds to continuously monitor your environment so you can react in real time?

Of course, if both sides adopt the same strategy (either delay or use an ultrasonic sensor), then you’ll still crash or get stuck in the center waiting for each other :wink:

Prisoner’s dilemma for VEX. Probably better to use it than not, there are a surprising number of teams who write a very brief auton, or no auton at all.

Our team will be working on the autonomous for 2 month until the next tournament, since we already won excellence award and tournament twice. In the first competition, we did a 4 second delay and then shot. Our autonomous right now utilizes a lot of sensors. First, we have the 2 gyroscopes to perfect the angle when we approach a stack to get an orange ball. We put 2 sonar sensors to sense distance from the wall so we know that when to stop. We put 4 line sensors at the bottom below the flywheel tower to follow the lines to the grey post, and the last sonar sensor is on the back to sense the distance to the grey pole to stop and shoot. Our autonomous right now shoots 3 balls, picks up 3 balls from the nearby wall stack, and runs to the white line, follows it and to shoot. This is our main auton, and it scores about 30 points usually. It was so overpowered during our last 2 tournaments that during the finals the opponent just ran into the stack just to purposely mess it up. We ended up winning.

What we tried to do once is to sense the other opponent with sonar, and if they are there, we back up a little bit and wait a few seconds. The method to not to get hit by other people would just be to shoot from mid field or long distance accurately.