How to stop wall bots?

Id say the best way to combat a wall bot this year is just to make you robot more of a powerhouse in terms of its drivetrain ( I.E make it fast, heavy, and torquey) since if you are a defense robot it is legal for someone to break you per rule

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I guarantee you that wall bots this year are going to be a huge distraction

Build a wallbot to block their wallbot :slight_smile:


but thats all they will be good for. a distraction. you snap or bend one of those walls and its more than likely they are out for the competition.

But seriously though, if the wallbot expands far it is probably a little fragile, I think v5 motors are stong enough to push through or break a wallbot

a big problm would be the poles. the bot would have to do some fancy manuvering in order to block/ move blocks.

A few DQs and wallbots are going to be less of a factor. They cannot unleash in auton and if unleashed uncontrolled run the risk of one of the automatic DQs. This game should be heavy on DQs.


I’m from canada, and vex teams kinda suck here, will there be wall bots at worlds ? they cant score or do anything well besides block their opponents which will be kinda hard with all the poles.

wallbots sometimes are really good but the problem is after they block their opponent they have to depend on their alliance to score for them. It is too early to tell if there will be any wallbots at worlds

A wallbot could unleash in auton and sacrifice the extra points and cubes in order to block their opponent in the corner for the whole match

To make a really affective wallbot in this game I think you would have to be able to retract the wheels up into the drivetrain, making it hard to push.

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Then the robots will just push and break the actual unleashed walls

Canada has a good tradition of very good vex teams actually.
And in fact, i believe the 1st ever wallbot was from Robosavage, 2 - its a canadian team.

But yes, do expect wallbots during worlds.


Although wallbots could be viable, what is the fun in making one? For me it is much more fun to optimize scoring.

In a YouTube video it shows a team breaking a wallbot’s wall with no penalty whatsoever. Something to think about when you’re in a match against one.


A good wallbot takes lots of meta gaming and strategizing and game analysis.
And after that, sometimes it is even more technically challenging to build than a normal offensive robot.

What i realised is that most of the time, it is my more experience and senior teams that are more interested in building a wallbot - simply because it presents a different type of challenge for them, as compared to the mainstream offensive robots.


we had some great wall bots in the past, one of my favorites.


Lol… i remember this robot!!
When I first saw it, I couldn’t decide was the drivers making it dance or it was dancing on its own.

I really enjoyed gateway… there were just so many unique robots out there… wallbots, super stackers, etc…

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How to stop wallbots?

Just use rockets
Or a medieval battering ram

Have fun storming the castle!


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The story of this robot is it was supposed to be a “super stacker” that took advantage of a quirk of the rules that let you stick all the objects on top of one goal along with “doubler” object to get maximum points. After stacking your robot splits in half and folds into a wall to prevent anyone else from toppling the stack.

Another team debuted the robot strategy and I, frustrated with how little my robotics team helped, kicked everyone out and rage-built a sketchier clone over spring break. It hardly worked and we lost all our matches but it was great fun to show off and talk about at Finals.