How to strengthen this?

So I am having a bit of trouble strengthening my catapult mechanism. Every time I try to put in something to strengthen in, it gets in the way of the catapult itself.

Here are the pics

Just say of you want some more from different angles

The problem is that the beams behind the choo choo mechanism bend up because of the tension from the catapult rubber bands. This makes it inconsistent and it breaks easier

OK, is this the stock “Hero build” from VEX (Fling?). How many rubber bands are you using?

If you mean the hero bot? No. This is my own custom design based on one of the dual catapult high hang designs. I am using 4 latex rubber bands

When you say breaking, which spots are coming apart?

The two sets of gears bend up when the catapult moves, until the aforementioned beams break

Not sure if I’m interpreting this correctly, but if the black beams are being bent upward because of the rubber bands, there could be some opportunity to reinforce it on the other side, with something attached to the the blue 1x beam (or replace it and attach it differently).

If the issue is to do with the gears shifting along the shaft, I wasn’t really able to think of a way to reinforce that better, since the center area does need to be open (but there still might be a way!)

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The problem is if I attach anything from the two black beams to the blue beam, it blocks the catapult on its way down.

Do you have any pictures of the catapult in its down position?

Do you have a video of it breaking?

I couldn’t get a vid of it breaking, but here are pics in the down position, you can see how the gears and beams are bending as well