How to toggle double acting pneumatics?(and more)

Our team, 8926 Combined IQ, has just got the double action pneumatics kit for a new switching lift transmission that we designed for the World Championship.
We have just Finished the gear box and i have a few questions because we need some help. :slight_smile: Attached is a picture of our transmission. () We use a nylon cord on a pulley system for our lift. Our team can accurately and quickly stack skyrise pegs but could not get enough torque to go above 4 pegs. I wanted to build something that could use a 3:1 ratio to increase our torque but also keep our speed for the first few pegs. This is what i came up with. This video is a exclamation and demonstration of one of the boxes for the transmission.
( The transmission currently is exactly 18 inches across when completely closed. My first question is this, is there a way to mount the pistons closer to the box so that it will have more force? Secondly, I’m not sure if my 160psi pump will be able to pull the gears into the second position. Does anyone know of a pump that can get to the 250 psi max on the tank reliably? Would it be better if i changed my plastic 12 tooth gears to metal ones to make it switch smoother? Lastly, our programmer has been having trouble activating the double action solenoids. Can anyone provide me with a code that toggles the pistons between open and closed in RobotC? Thank you so much guys!

  1. There are several other ways to mount the piston but I would need a close picture of how you have it mounted to come up with another solution easily.
  2. The legal limit on air pressure is 100 psi. So the 160 psi you have currently is illegal and 250 would be not even close to legal.
  3. The piston needs to be set up in the motor and sensor setup window as a digital out.

You could try putting the pistons on top of the motors, but you’ll have to change how they’re connected to the shafts. One advice I would give is to make it be able to retract the skyrise claws at the beginning of the match and then you are able to make the claws stick out of the robot during the match so you can score skyrises faster by going close claws and grab skyrise sections, go forward, open claws and score skyrise, go back, and repeat quickly, instead of the current design which makes you turn to get skyrise section, turn again to go towards skyrise, go forward to score skyrise, turn again towards skyrise holder, and go forward, which is slow and consumes much time, here’s a bad drawing to show you the retractable claw. Your robot would be good for getting the innovate award, , are you aiming to get the innovate award?

You can also add spacers on the piston to reduce the piston’s fully retracted length.