How to transition between the Cortex and V5

Our team currently has 8 cortexes which are all being used by our 8 teams. However, we heard about the trade-in program and wanted to trade our cortexes in for the V5 system but we are worried that the V5 motors won’t come in time for our competition next month since there is a backlog of V5 components wherever we look.

Is there any way we could get the V5 Motor system in time for our competition?

I don’t think there is. You could try asking nearby teams to sell a set to you, but I doubt they’d be willing to give up their precious V5.
Pretty much the only way is through 3rd party realtors with some stock yet.

Deadline for Trade-in is December 14th. Contact

Like @lacsap said, the trade-in deadline is December 14th. Your competition is December 8th, so you might be able to do a trade-in after your competition.

However, shipments of new V5 orders have been indefinitely suspended, and based on what I’ve heard, I don’t think you’d receive your V5 parts until February.