How to turn with 6 motor drive

still isnt working… when it turns, it gets stuck after just a bit of a rotation. i don’t get it

I had a look at this.

From the point of view of the math, it should work, this was what I tested.
This assumes drivetrain gear ratio is 1:1, you would need to compensate if that is not true, multiply the “k” factor by suitable gear ratio.
(set the wheelbase etc. the same as the drivetrain)

You may have other issues related to the robot build.

you did not say how the motors are configured, are they geared/chained together ? does one or more need reversal, the drivetrain assumes left and right motors need to spin the same direction.

How do the motors drive the wheels and how many (4 or 6 wheels) ? Are the wheels traction or omni wheels ? All of this can impact turning.