How to understand the limit of pneumatics in <R18> and <R25>

In , a robot may use a legal VRC pneumatic system.
But said teams may only use a maximum of two (2) legal VEX pneumatic air reservoirs on a Robot.

you are limited to 2 reservoirs but may use unlimited air cylinders


To clarify, reservoirs is where the compressed air is stored. So for this game, your are contained to two reservoirs.

The cylinders are what will provide the motion/action through a shot of compressed air.

It is confusing as the reservoir looks like a cylinder, so new teams get worried about is permitted.

Do note, just because you can have unlimited number of cylinders, it does not mean you have unlimited number of shots of compressed are to cause motion. You are limited by the quantity of stored compressed air in the reservoir(s).

Pneumatics are great for certain applications.


Ah, if only hydraulics were allowed. We could have a hydraulic fluid game!?!?


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Ugh, I can see so many leaks! and having to replace tiles every event :frowning:

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Time to conveniently malfunction and spray hydraulic fluid all over the opponent.


time to use questionable fluids for the hydraulics

First - please don’t … thank you!

Second, not sure when you use the pneumatic systems, the “fluids” won’t expel onto competition surface and act like antistatic mixture damage tiles.

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Ah, but the positives!

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