How to Update the Firmware for Vex V5 Controller 2?

Hello. I need help as to how to update my firmware for my vex v5 controller 2. I have been trying to get the controls for the drivetrain to work for my controller 2, and have tried every possible way I can think of to solve the problem. Whenever I connect the download cable to the controller from the computer I am using, the controller option up the top of the software VexCode Pro V5 keeps showing an orange color. I try to click on it, but it never seems to work. This is only for my controller 2, but my controller 1 works fine though. Please help me with any answers you may have! It would be a tremendous help! Thank you so much!

Here is an image of it - image

Plug it into the brain using a smart cable, all controller updates are done from the brain. After updating, make sure to plug the primary controller back into the brain so the brain knows which one to use for VEXnet.