How to update V5 Brain to most recent VEXos when usb connection broken

Is there a way to update the V5 brain without using the USB port? I know you can wirelessly download programs through the controller - but apparently not the firmware.

Ideas? SDcard?


There is no technical reason that updating via wireless cannot be done, we chose to disable that functionality because it takes a long time (~ 12 minutes). I guess if there is enough demand we could make this available. We could also add functionality to allow update from SD Card, we do that during production, I’ll raise issue that with the firmware team.

Is this just for one system ? What version is that system currently running ?


right now not an issue - I have one stuck at 1.0.5 or earlier… and another couple of V5 brains that I have not gotten to diagnosing - but suspect broken cable/port.

SDcard flash might be best and for EPs as well when we have teams come in with old firmware, not sure how to get onto wifi (middle school the kids are pretty stressed.).

12 minutes sounds like a lot - maybe tethered to controller via smart cable and then usb from V5 controller to computer.

I was pretty sure you guys had good reasons for not having it present in the product yet - we will keep pushing the hardware as long as possible (school budgets…)



yea, update from SD Card is something we would have to add in a future vexos release, so bit of a catch 22 for the systems stuck on old firmware. Sending a few MB of data at ~6k/second will always be slow, even with the controller tethered it’s not much faster, but I guess if this is the only way it would be better than nothing, we don’t want to have to support old vexos versions for too long and as new sensors become available updates will be necessary,


Agreed - I will make sure all Brains I have are at properly version this week (a new year’s resolution?).


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