How to upload custom images to the Vex V5 brain?

I tried the search bar but couldnt find a clear answer. Im confused on what I need to type to have my code make the brain read the Jpeg or PNG file. I also was curious what type of SD card to buy to upload the file to the brain? Any tips or even a link to a solution would help.

To make use of the SD Card slot, you need to have a MicroSD Card formatted with the FAT32 file system. The V5 Brain only supports .bmp and .png files, so you won’t be able to draw any JPEG images.


// image.png is in the root directory of the SD card
// 0, 0 are the x and y pixel coordinates where the image will be drawn
Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile("image.png", 0, 0);


brain.screen.draw_image_from_file(“image.bmp”, 0, 0)

Thank you so much for the info i will try it today!

Just going to add this in here:

If you look in the thread I have linked below, you do not exactly have to load a image from a file. You do have the option to draw a image from a buffer.

To convert a png to a buffer, use this link: Online image converter - BMP, JPG or PNG to C array or binary | LVGL. Make sure to set the color format to CF_RAW so that it works correctly. Then make a uint8_t array with the contents of the conversion as the array values. Then simply pass that to the brain::lcd::drawImageFromBuffer function and voila.

If any of what I just explained confuses you, or you want further explanation, please look in the thread I have linked below.

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