How to use 12 Motors with a power expander.

I want to use 6 motors on my flywheel, 2 on my intake, and 4 on my drive. I’ve been using 12 motors for a while. First, tell me if I’m wrong: if 2 motors are on a y splitter that is plugged into 1 power expander port is the torque of each motor less than if each motor had its own motor port in the power expander? If I’m right that each has less torque then is it possible to have a y splitter from the brain to the power expander in order to give each motor that is plugged into the power expander its own port to increase the torque of each motor? Is there an alternative?
Base: 1, 2, 3, 10
Intake: 4, 5
Flywheel (off of PE): 6, 7
Flywheel (on PE): 8, 9

8: brain->PE->y-splitter->2motors
9: brain->PE->y-splitter->2motors

8: brain->y-splitter->PE->2motors
9: brain->y-splitter->PE->2motors

Nope. However you may want to consider splitting your motor load over the 3 PTC fuses to reduce the chance of them tripping. The cortex has a 4 amp PTC on ports 1-5, another 4 amp PTC on ports 6-10, and there is a 4 amp PTC on the Power Expander. So optimally you want to have 4 motors on each of the PTCs, but also keep in mind the current draw of different systems (i.e. flywheel will probably draw more power than the intake) and try to balance that.

Thank you