How to use autodesk

Does anyone know how to put together parts on autodesk?

I would suggest watching some youtube videos. My students use Dakota Bayers videos. He is not very exciting to listen to, but quite informative. There are several videos in the series. (6 I believe)

Otherwise a simple youtube search for “VEX Autodesk Inventor” will yield these results…many hours of learning ahead!

Note: Learning how to use Autodesk Inventor is not a quick process. If you are serious about it be prepared to spend many dozens of hours on it before you are very good at it.

Do the challenges usually use autodesk fusion 360 or just autodesk inventor? @4149G

We haven’t done the online challenges, to which challenge are you referring too though? I know very few people are using Fusion 360 for VEX. But if you are doing the game design challenge you would need something more like Autodesk Maya. If you are designing a new part for a challenge, then Inventor is perfect.

We CAD our robots (just for competitions) and we only use Inventor.

@4149G I’m not referring to any specific challenge right now cause I checked what the challenges were and I realized that the challenges for 2016-2017 have not came out yet. So I have Autodesk Fusion 360. So are you saying I should install Autodesk Maya or Inventor for the VEX online challenges right?

Yes, I know that in the past teams have used Maya for the game design challenge and they have used Inventor for the new part design. However, I do not know what the challenges will be this year. But I believe there is a game design challenge each year.

Now that I type this I think people have also used Autodesk 3d Max for game design animations.


Any software is allowed for the game design challenge; traditionally, it’s some kind of animation software, such as Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender, but it can be something else if you wish. For the new part challenge, you must use Inventor or Fusion 360.

What other animation software can you use?

It’s completely open; there are no rules about it. In fact, you’re not even required to make a traditional animation. Anything, including claymation, is allowed except live-action filming.