How to use crystals with cortex? How to use functions in easyc cortex?

Two quick questions:

  1. i have read that cortex is compatible with crystals
    but i do not see a setting that makes it “crystal mode”
    only “new template”
    does anyone know anything about this?

  2. i know how to “add function” in cortex (similar to easyc)
    but i do not know how to use the “user code” to indicate to go to that certain function
    i remember in easyc there was a specific syntax for it (needs a “();” or something)
    is it the same for easyc cortex? or is the syntax different?

thanks in advance

We do not support crystal’s in easyC for Cortex currently.

Read Tutorials 13 and 14 in the help file for using “user code”

Long and Short Add the function prototype into UserIncludes.h

void MyFunc (void);

In your program call the function via MyFunc();