How to use geometry/algebra in engineering

Ok, so it tracks the distance the axle or what ever moves with using calculus?

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PID is a way to precisely control movement at a reasonable speed that accounts for things like friction and weight. watch conner’s tutorial, its actually good.

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It doesn’t track the distance using calculus, but uses calculus to decide what value to output to the motor. Please just watch @Connor 's tutorial or read an article before asking more questions.

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Ok will do. How do I get to his channel

just search it up on google

conner just posted a link to the video

Never mind found it
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Having a complex comprehension of physics and math is super helpful in vex. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to use the Pythagorus triangle, or used trig in position tracking. Basic addition and subtraction is super useful too of course, but having an understanding of how your robot actually functions is where the magic happens. Gear ratio calculations, linear speed outputs, projectile motion equations (for shooting games like nbn and tp, an in depth comprehension how friction works in different scenarios, inertia, diagonal of a square is sqrt2 (x drive and vex hole problems), etc etc etc. There’s an amazing amount math and physics you can apply to engineering and vex, and I encourage you to scour over every piece of it. It may sound tedious, but there’s a certain point where it just becomes fun. Always enjoy learning.