How to use gyro

So I was wondering how to use a gyro to make the robot able to turn in VexCODE using a gyro accurately using blocks like “gyro heading/rotation in degrees” and stuff like that in a Simple Manner.



Hi I have figured out how to do it, but could someone explain what KP is and how would I know if the Kp I chose is accurate depending on our robot

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a full run down on all sensors and what they do

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Hi thanks for the help but I saw a video by caution tape robotics for accurate turns and accurate moving the robot straight. But I have problems with both, with the turning It doesn’t even turn at all! It just moves slowly forward and I tried switching up some values but nothing worked. Also for moving forward/backward accurately It does move forward but no backward, I changed the distance to a negative and doesn’t work, also whenever I make it go forward it just keep going on forever and doesn’t stop. Could someone please help me?

You need to post your code if you want someone to try and help you debug it.

The Caution Tape code works well if implemented correctly.


So here is my code, btw I put drive reverse and drive forward as going forward because for some reason it works and if I make them both drive forward/reverse, then it turns so I changed it

Test.iqblocks (40.4 KB)

Also there is random disabled code there, so just ignore it

I figured out how to make it turn, but I still can’t figure out moving it forward. Please Help

Neither can we. We don’t know what your robot is doing, so we don’t know what the problem is.

Aside from that, though, there are dozens of threads on the forum already about

Please look them up. Nobody wants to give a complete run-down of PID, gyro, and VEXcode IQ Blocks to ever poster when there are already many all over the internet. The VEX Forum is a place for you to ask for help with specific issues you run into after you worked on the problem, not for everyone to ask for beginner lessons

before they have any idea what they’re doing.