how to use pneumatics tutorial

recently there has been a lot of posts asking “how do I do this with pneumatics” and “how do I do that with pneumatics” So here it is, the ultimate guide to pneumatics. First, lets connect the tire valve and the hose fitting to the tank and tighten it. Next, take the control valve and connect it to the tank. Now, take the wire and connect it to the connector like so If you are using a double acting piston, connect this to the tank , and connect these to the piston , and connect like this If you want to connect multiple pistons, or a single acting piston, connect like this . Plug the wires coming off the solenoid into the digital ports on the cortex, and we are almost done. Now on to the code. start by opening up robotc, clicking “New File”, followed by clicking on “Motor And Sensor Setup”. Now click on “VEX Cortex Digital Sensors 1-12” and on the port that corresponds to the port that you plugged in a solenoid into, select the dropdown menu labeled “No Sensor” and select “Digital Out”. Now, in code (I’m not teaching basic code, sorry) to extend a piston the command is “SensorValue[dgtl1] = 1;” and retracting the piston is “SensorValue[dgtl1] = 0;” replace dgtl1 with the corresponding digital port, and you’re done! If you are a mod/admin/owner, please consider making this a sticky

I mean it’s kinda justified. The amount of official material to help you use pneumatics made by vex is extremely poor. I could only find one pdf file, even that only for the double acting pistons. That being said, the system is still somewhat intuitive, and guess and check will help you figure out the rest.