How to use the Match Feature on the V5 System

Hello All,

We recently received our V5 Systems and were playing around with it when we noticed the “Match” Button when we select a program. image

When we try to touch the button nothing happens, same on the Controller… What is the purpose of this button and how do we use it?


It’s not implemented yet, a future feature that will allow you to simulate a match with other robots.

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Is it that feature where you can pair other robots and host a match? When is an ETA for this feature?


no idea

Do you (the vex team) have any idea how it would be implemented?

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James just stated that they have no ETA.

I know, but if they also dont have a method of implementing yet, well… our posts so far have shown that we like to speculate :slight_smile:

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I look forward to this feature.


Is that the case, I thought that as well, when do you think it’ll be released? What does it simulate, I thought that it would only work when connected to a tournament.

@CarCar it’s my understanding that it would utilize the Bluetooth Radio connectivity to simulate game conditions… I believe that this was outlined when V5 was announced… My guess is that it might even serve and a replacement for the Field Controllers